Akira Yuki
Full Name Akira Yuki
First Appearance Virtua Fighter
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Heroes

Akira Yuki is the main fighter of the Virtua Fighter series, fighting with a Chinese Martial Arts style. He was trained by his grandfather before the age of 23, which was when he decided to test his skills in the first World Fighting Tournament. Akira Yuki strives for perfection and mastery in fighting, and practices to find flaws in his fighting to further master his techniques.             

History Edit

Virtua Fighter Edit

In Virtua Fighter, at age 23, Akira Yuki enters the first World Fighting Tournament to test his fighting skills. It is unknown what happens afterwards, but Akira Yuki appears in all of the games after Virtua Fighter.

Virtua Fighter 2 Edit

In Virtua Fighter 2, Akira Yuki enters the second World Fighting Tournament. Competing against new and returning fighters, Akira makes his way up to the top and canonically wins the second World Fighting Tournament. 

Virtua Fighter Animation Edit

Though it is unknown if this is a World Fighting Tournament or not, Akira Yuki appeared as one of the playable fighters in Virtua Fighter Animation. Akira Yuki, again, fights to get to the top and show off his fighting skills.

Virtua Fighter Kids Edit

In Virtua Fighter Kids, Akira Yuki appears as a young boy and playable fighter. It is said to refer to the super deformed art style, where he retained some of his adult features.

Fighters Megamix Edit

In Fighters Megamix for the Sega Saturn, Akira Yuki appears as a character from the Virtua Fighter series, fighting characters from Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers and other Sega games. The kid version of Akira that first appeared in Virtua Fighter Kids also appears as an unlockable character in the game.     

Virtua Fighter 3 Edit

Akira Yuki appears in Virtua Fighter 3 as a playable fighter, this probably being the next World Fighting Tournament. He is seen going against his enemy, Dural

Virtua Fighter 4 Edit

Akira Yuki appears in Virtua Fighter 4 as the main playable fighter, battling other fighters to claim victory above all.

Virtua Fighter 5 Edit

In Virtua Fighter 5, Akira Yuki is invited to the fifth World Fighting Tournament along with 16 other fighters. What he doesn't know is that J6, the company sponsoring the tournament, have sinister plans: working on the perfect fighter. In the end, Akira and his allies defeat the evil organization with their fighting skills.

Appearances (Other)  Edit

Virtua Fighter Anime Edit

In the Virtua Fighter TV show, Akira seems to have the same personality as his in-game personality, except he jokes and has more of a playful attitude in the show. This side of Akira has yet to be shown in the games. He's usually the main hero in the anime, similar to the game, though the show doesn't concentrate on fighting scenes.

Personality Edit

Akira Yuki is sometimes referred to as the "Ryu of Virtua Fighter". Despite their similar appearances, they seem to have the same personality. Sometimes, Akira can be seen with a laid-back and playful attitude, but this is rare, as he is serious and focused most of the time, similar to Ryu. Other than fighting, Akira can be considered a hero for defeating Dural in most of his appearances. Other than beating down his enemies, Akira concentrates on mastering his skills with fights and tournaments. He also can be very hot-tempered and naive which can get in the way of fighting, but concentrates on techniques in battle.  

Appearance Edit

Akira Yuki always had spiky black hair with a white headband. He is always seen wearing a standard martial arts outfit with Japanese characters on the waistband, although his outfit changed color between Akira's appearances on the Sega Saturn and Virtua Quest, going from blue and red to white and black. His feet are always padded and he can always be seen wearing black (formerly red) sweatbands on his wrists.  

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