Full Name Blathers
First Appearance Animal Crossing
Species Owl
Affiliation(s) Town Museum

Blathers is an owl that helps run the museum in the Animal Crossing series. Blathers is known to ramble about fossils, fish, or bugs and states facts when donated. Even though one of the exhibits in the museum is for bugs, he has a great dislike for them. When the players go to the museum in the day, he is asleep, as him being an owl. When the player wakes him up, Blathers will apologize and welcome you.

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Animal Crossing Movie Edit

In the Animal Crossing movie, Blathers still works at the museum with Celeste and Brewster. Ai first meets him when she accidentally goes into the museum.Celeste and Blathers hear her scream at the dinosaurs, not knowing what the place is with the lights off.  Ai reads the description of one of the dinosaurs and Blathers starts explaining more about the dinosaur before Celeste leads her away.

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