Full Name Celeste
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Wild World
Species Owl
Affiliation(s) Observatory, Museum

Celeste is an owl that works in the museum alongside her brother, Blathers, in the Animal Crossing series. Celeste works in the highest part of the museum, the observatory. She helps players make their own constellations and lets them stargaze with the museum's telescope.

Appearances Edit

Celeste doesn't make an appearance in Animal Crossing (Gamecube) but makes a small appearance in the Animal Crossing movie. The main character of the movie, Ai, becomes friendly with Celeste. They first meet when her and her brother hear Ai scream because of how all the dinosaur fossils look in the dark. When the lights go on, Ai becomes amazed. She reads the description of one of the dinosaurs, making Blathers explain more about the dinosaur. Celeste soon steers Ai away, explaining about how her brother can ramble. Celeste is also first to tell Ai about the cafe on the roof of the museum.

Celeste also appears on a trophy in Super Smash Bros.