Full Name Mathias Cronqvist-Vlad Tepes
First Appearance Castlevania
Species Vampire
Affiliation(s) Dracula's Army
Latest Appearance Castlevania: Judgment
Portrayed by Scott McCulloch (Symphony of the Night) [English]

Steven Jay Blum (Curse of Darkness) [English] Patrick Seitz (Dracula X Chronicles, Order of Ecclesia, Judgment) [English] Norio Wakamoto (Symphony of the Night, Harmony of Dissonance, Portrait of Ruin, Dracula X Chronicles, Order of Ecclesia) [Japanese] Mahito Oba (Curse of Darkness) [Japanese] Joji Nakata (Judgment) [Japanese]

Dracula is the main villain and antagonist in the Castlevania series, usually appearing as a final boss and the root of all of the protagonist's troubles. He sometimes just sits back and waits for the hero to show up, while other times he kidnaps somebody important to them (wife, girlfriend, mentor, etc.). He is also the father of Alucard, who doesn't see his point of view after siding with his mother. Dracula usually ends up defeated by Alucard himself, a Belmont, or a Renard in a few cases. He is approximately 900 years old. Dracula was born into a family of alchemists under the name Mathias Cronqvist and the alchemy was passed down to him. He befriends Leon Belmont and the two fight under the name of God, Mathias being the tactical genius while Leon was the warrior. It was only until Mathias came back home to find that his wife, Elisabeth Cronqvist, died when things went wrong. He grieved the loss and, because of what happened, decided to turn to the dark side, believing that God was evil for the situation. 

History  Edit

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence  Edit

One year after the death of Mathias' wife, Leon told him that his own wife, Sara Trantoul, had been kidnapped by a powerful vampire, Walter Bernhard. Mathias, devising a plan, went along with Leon to Walter's castle. At the time, he possessed the Crimson Stone, which was unknown to Leon. Leon soon killed Walter, and his soul went to the person that possessed the Crimson Stone--Mathias. Since Leon was regretfully forced to kill his own wife to kill Walter, Mathias offered Leon a chance to be immortal with him. Leon refused, keeping the promise he made to his wife before she died. Mathias called Death to kill Leon, but Leon emerged victorious, and then running as the castle crumbled. Because of this, the Belmont bloodline would forever be cursed to "forever hunt the night" and Mathias would soon become Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula.    

Relationships  Edit

Allies  Edit

  • Shaft 
  • Death (best friend and second-in-command) 

Enemies  Edit

Personality  Edit

Dracula is sometimes considered as over-confident, arrogant, and abusive of his own minions. Since he is willing to do many evil deeds to upset the Belmonts, he can also be seen as villainous.