Full Name Joe
First Appearance Street Fighter
Species Human
Latest Appearance Street Fighter II
Joe is an American kickboxer from the original Street Fighter. Not much is known about him, but his stage is a train yard and he also appears in the opening movie of Street Fighter II. He was originally going to be the "escaped prisoner fighter" in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but was replaced by Cody. Joe is also rumored to have amnesia, similar to Abel in Street Fighter IV. This leads some to believe that Joe and Abel are the same person, as they both have similar appearances. Abel is also Russian, and the Russian stage in Street Fighter IV is a train yard stage, which probably means that's Abel's stage. Joe's stage is a train yard as well. This has never been proven by Capcom, however, and it is just revealed that Abel is the same as Seth.


Street FighterEdit

Joe's moves include powerful combos including his signature power kicks and low kicks. He usually links the kicks together to perform a deadly combo, which can finish off the opponent, whether it be Ryu or Ken Masters, quickly. His description states he's a street fighter that enters the tournament to test his skills. He is one of two American opponents that have to be defeated to move on. Since Ryu canonically wins the tournament, Joe most likely loses. Though he was planned to return, he has never returned in any Street Fighter game. In his only appearance, he is seen with blond hair and red pants. In the port to the Amstrad CPC, however, Joe is seen with blue pants.