Ken Masters
Full Name Ken Masters
First Appearance Street Fighter
Species Human
Latest Appearance Street Fighter IV
Portrayed by Eddie Frierson (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie)

Jimmy Theodore (Street Fighter II V) Scott McNeil (Street Fighter TV Series) Steven Blum (Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation) Reuben Langdon (Street Fighter IV)

Ken Masters is one of the main characters in the Street Fighter series of games alongside Ryu. He's a friend of Ryu's, rivaling him and fighting friendly matches with him at times.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

When Ken became twelve years old, his father decided to send him to get trained in fighting in Japan, not wanting him to leech off of the Masters' money. Ken's father sent him to one of his friends, Gouken. At first, Ken didn't like it in Japan, and he pulled many pranks on Gouken's adopted son, Ryu. After a while, Ken respected Gouken and befriended Ryu. Despite having a rivalry, they became best friends.