Mega Man Volnutt
Mega man volnutt
Full Name Mega Man Trigger/Volnutt
First Appearance Mega Man Legends
Species Robot
Latest Appearance Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
Mega Man Volnutt (known as Mega Man Trigger before he was discovered by Barrell Caskett) is the main protagonist of the Mega Man Legends series. He was created a long time ago, before Barrell Caskett discovered him, but is 14 in the series. He would soon gain a relationship with Barrell's 14-year-old daughter, Roll Caskett, who would help him throughout his missions. He is adventerous and doesn't like to fight, only fighting enemies at extreme measures. Barrell raised him as a Digger. He is the Legends version of the classic Mega Man.