Nathan Hale
Full Name Nathan Hale
First Appearance Resistance: Fall of Man
Species Human (Later Chimeran)
Affiliation(s) Echo Team, SRPA, 1st Ranger Regiment
Latest Appearance Resistance 2
Nathan Hale is the main protagonist in Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. He helps in the fight against the Chimerans, extraterrestrial creatures that are trying to turn humans into Chimera as well. Hale joined the army before joining the fight against the Chimerans, always being promoted due to excellence in the battlefield, except for when he drove tanks over the speed limit. He was infected with the Chimeran virus when the Chimera attacked his team. Hale was the only survivor. After the events of being infected, Hale kept fighting until he became completely infected in Resistance 2 since he refused to take a viral treatment over the recommended time frame in battle. One of his teammates, Joseph Capelli, was regretfully forced to kill him.