Full Name Pete
First Appearance Animal Crossing
Species Pelican
Affiliation(s) Town Hall, Post Service
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing: City Folk
Pete is a pelican who carries mail to the occupants of a player's town. Pete also works with Pelly and Phyllis. In the game, Pete is rumored to have a relationship with Pelly. Pete explains that Pelly is really nice but that she is too young for him and he is looking for a more mature relationship. Players can easily tell that Pete has a crush on Phyllis.

Appearances Edit

Pete appears in all of the Animal Crossing games including Animal Forest. Wild World is quite different from City Folk, though. In Wild World, players can spot Pete flying in the sky. Players have to shoot him down with their slingshot to be able to talk to him, whereas in City Folk, you can see Pete carrying mail by walking and start a conversation with him as you would any other character.