Shiki Misaki
Full Name Shiki Misaki
First Appearance The World Ends With You
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Players (during the Reapers' Game)
Latest Appearance The World Ends With You
Portrayed by Hachimine Anna (Japanese)

Heather Hogan (English)

Shiki Misaki is a main character in The World Ends With You and Neku's partner for the first week. She uses her first creation, Mr. Mew, to battle foes through psychomancy and ESP cards for fusion attacks and combos. 

History Edit

The World Ends With You Edit

Before the Reapers' Game

Before entering the Reapers' Game, Shiki and her best friend, Eri, first meet when Eri sees Shiki making her first creation (Mr. Mew, who she uses in battle later on). As time went on, Shiki became more and more jealous of Eri since she was supposedly prettier, smarter, and had a lot of friends. When Shiki realized she was jealous, she fell into a pit of self-hatred because she thought there was nothing special about her. Being a very talented seamstress but not too much of a designer, Shiki couldn't think of a design one day. When this happened, Eri told her that maybe she wasn't meant to be a designer. These words were originally supposed to be encouragement, since Eri meant that she made the designs while Shiki brought them to life. Shiki, however, took it the wrong way and was hurt. After this event, Eri regretted what she said and was planning to apologize the next day, but she didn't get the chance to since Shiki died in an accident the next day, gaining entrance into the Reapers' Game.

Week 1, Day 1

After Shiki dies, she appears in the UG, an abbreviation of the Underground, which nobody alive can see you from. When she sees her appearance, she's a little excited. Her appearance isn't the one she had when she was alive, but she's in Eri's body instead. She knows she's a participant in the Reapers' Game, unlike Neku, and heads out in search of a partner. She finds Neku, and hurries him into forging a pact with her. She gives Neku information about where they are and how they got there, but Neku isn't too excited for her company. Shiki doesn't like Neku's attitude much either, but she tries to make the best of it. They complete the mission for the day and go to 104, and the timers disappear. She still doesn't reveal her secret to Neku, and puts on a confident attitude to help Neku through the game.