Strider Hiryu
Full Name Strider Hiryu
First Appearance Strider
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Striders
Latest Appearance Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Strider Hiryu is the main protagonist in the Strider series of games. He is part of a ninja assassination organization called the "Striders" in the year 2048, and he's the youngest A-rank Strider. His background and origins are unknown, supporting the detail that he's a mysterious character. Hiryu has faced and defeated many threats like his arch-nemesis, Grandmaster Meio and Strider Matic, a corrupt vice-president of the Striders.

History Edit

Strider Edit

In the 1989 video game Strider, Strider Hiryu made his video game debut. He first appeared in Japanese manga, but when the manga artists agreed with Capcom to turn it into a game, it became a popular video game. In the game, Strider has the ability to use his Cypher, which is a long, silver blade that's able to cut through metal, as well as a metallic hook. Strider Hyru has to fight his way to get to the Grandmaster, a villainous character who is observing Earth in space and planning to rule it. Strider made more appearances after this game, including a sequel, Strider 2, and the Marvel vs. Capcom series.       

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