Full Name ToeJam
First Appearance ToeJam and Earl
Species Alien
Latest Appearance ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth
ToeJam is the main protagonist of the ToeJam and Earl series alongside his partner, Earl. ToeJam seems to be the smarter of the two, always correcting Earl when he's doing something wrong. He can also walk faster than Earl, which is an advantage when being chased by enemies.


ToeJam and EarlEdit

ToeJam and Earl, jammin' residents of Funkotron, were casually riding in their RapMaster Spaceship, when ToeJam decided to let Earl drive when he asked. Earl made a few crazy dodges before the ship came to a crashing end on Planet Earth, a planet unfamiliar to the two aliens. They navigate through the crazy environments, coming across dangerous humans, to find the missing pieces of their ship. Eventually, they are able to come across all of the pieces and rebuild their ship as a ticket back to Funkotron.

Game AppearancesEdit