Yuffie Kisaragi
Full Name Yuffie Kisaragi
First Appearance Final Fantasy VII
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Hero
Latest Appearance Dissidia Final Fantasy
Portrayed by Yumi Kakazu [Japanese] (All)

Christy Carlson Romano [English] (Kingdom Hearts, Advent Children)

Mae Whitman [English] (Kingdom Hearts II, Dirge of Cerberus)

Yuffie Kisaragi is a character in the Final Fantasy series, first appearing in Final Fantasy VII. She can be characterized as sneaky, selfish, rude, and obnoxious but is always there to help the people she trusts. She's often the youngest of the group, self-proclaiming herself "great ninja Yuffie" and "the single white rose of Wutai." She also seems to have a crush on Vincent Valentine, as she nicknamed him "Vince", apparently likes to call him for no reason, and is the most worried about his disappearance in Dirge of Cerberus, although this may just be a reference to them being the two secret unlockable characters in Final Fantasy VII.